Physically Boutique, Stylishly Unique

Vancouver Stanley Park Party

...was that a yeti?

1 Process idea pages IMG_9133.JPG

Gathering Inspiration leading to Production....

 In 1940, Vancouver's Stanley Park was the place for an adventure.  We took off from there, creating the scene with public-museum-style nature dioramas, fuzzy creatures, furry animals and picnics for all...

2 Installation of table details IMG_1196.jpg


Setting the Scene- with local props, rocks, plants, moss, trees, totems and that that guy. Actually we added yellow galoshes to his feet and had him blowing a pink bubble- inspired by a billboard located downtown Chicago.  


It's The Little Things

Visual details fully support the vintage reality. Layering the scenes of the evening together with a tip to the style of famous director Wes Anderson. All photographs of the scenes below are courtesy of Dusty Brown..


A Performance to Remember

Collaborating with NewMoon and Crossfire Productions for bringing the Evening to life with Action and Music.  New Moon and Ohms Designs created the characters based on corporate trueness, created the timely costumes and the storyline to host the evening.  


With all of the Layers TahDah!