Physically Boutique, Stylishly Unique
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Founder's Council 2016 London, An Event bringing together top sales leaders from 13 countries

What happens when we pull out all the stops.

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Everything great about Great Britain


Challenge...One day, one building to entertain and surprise guests as they attend a business meeting, guest recognition ceremony, and a reception followed by dinner party.

Celebrating everything British, James Bond, David Bowie, twisting the style scene with a dash of Vivian Westwood punk-couture.  

For the Guests all began with a mysterious gold envelope stamped TOP SECRET slid under their doors...

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Creating Details

In the studio handcrafted, bespoke details that we used for table runners and costume pieces.  Channeling Vivianne Westwood couture for our wild punk messaging styles.

Amway OBG Setup

Site Installation

We build whatever we can't bring.


Floral Production

Begins with a sketch. Worked in collaboration with a London Floral Design company. Collected and styled with funky Rock and Roll details.  

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Setting the Scene

We regularly collaborate with talented artists, actors and performers to create one-of-a-kind experiences.  Layering the evening with interaction, excitement and experience. One of our favorite resources, New Moon created with our vision, the costumes, the mini gambling games and the evening's Host performances.


You won't find anything else
quite like it.  

Rock and Roll ruled this evening.

6 The Action Wall FC16-Day3-Welcome-320.jpg
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