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Branded Experiences

You know, creating awareness of your brand's promise through valuable interactions between you and your target audience.

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Engaging 4000 guests

Challenge: Building the environments in difficult spaces (see columns in photo below), with time-sensitive logistics while designing and producing the branded environment to engage 4000 guests...we say... Bring it on!

Among the forest of columns we created a experiential path with branded excitement around each corner. 

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A yearly corporate incentive trip on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii, yep sounds dreamy, until you think about getting everything needed onto an island in the middle of the ocean, competing with the beautiful scenery and weather outside the ballroom.

The branded sessions took place in the morning in a comfortable living room setting, showcasing product launches.  






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A ballroom with windows has a wonderful view for a Corporate Branded Lounge but

Challenge: the ballroom was on the rooftop of a beautiful old hotel that was under construction. The main elevator was down and load-in had to happen through the kitchen during Brunch. Smiles to all the chef's in the house that day :)

With theses challenges we were able to create areas within the Lounge to set the scene for comfortable conversations, personalized moments and branded showcasing.