Physically Boutique, Stylishly Unique
5 2017 Stage image IMG_0059.jpg

Global Growth Conference

Creating functional meeting space with an attitude.  

Sparked by artistic touches.  

At the beginning of the year, executives from around the world came together for an annual gathering.  Time spent to inspire the movement forward.  

1 2017 idea GGC Idea with Hippo-1.jpg


Working with physical references to curate ideas, references and assist the client to visualize.

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Planning and Drawing

pre-visualizing the space and figuring the components needed. 

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Handcrafting exactly what we need on time and on budget.  Collaborating with Novelli Construction, Inc. for component build, detail creation and assistance with on site production.

3 2017 crew set up IMG_6929.jpg


Working with crews on-site, putting it all together.

5 2017 Stage image IMG_0059.jpg


(not the television network, hehehehe)