Physically Boutique, Stylishly Unique


The Ohms Designs Team plan every project to be Amazing.

 On Time, On Budget and On Scope.

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  Kim is the owner and founder of OHMS Designs, Inc. Her philosophy does not follow a prescribed formula of “what is normal” or “how things are supposed to be done.” Her personal style in life stems from thinking forward, seeing ahead, creating the different and often asking, "what if...." Kim served as a board member to Red Moon Productions for over 7 years. Presently, she serves as a board member on the Chicago Blair Thomas & Company Puppet Theater. Her 30 years of work experiences add an integral layer of understanding and wisdom needed to carry off the largest of projects…

 In the late eighties, Kim Ohms began Ohms Designs, Inc., a flexible company with a natural focus on Interior Design.  At the top of her passion list is art and the Artists that make it happen, furniture and the Craftspeople that build the pieces, buildings and the Architects that design them, nature and all that mother nature surrounds us with...

She connects all of these passions in her own style. Her ability to listen to the client's needs, understand their budget and adhere to their time line which builds the foundation for her and her team to create.  Today, she and a team of creatives lead their clients through her project management approach to production of the Project.  The Ohms Design Team works hard to create every project Amazing and in accordance with our mantra of being...  

On Time, On Budget and On Scope.