Physically Boutique, Stylishly Unique


The Ohms Designs Team plans every project to be On Time, On Budget and On Scope.


Kim Ohms

Woohoo! In the late eighties, Kim Ohms began Ohms Designs, Inc., her interior design and style company, focusing on her passion for creating functional space with personal artistic touches.  Today, Kim and a small team of creatives lead their clients through the Backwards In™ approach to production of the physical design aspects.  The Ohms Designs Team plans every project to be On Time, On Budget and On Scope.  

Kim Ohms takes a creative approach to every project event that is inclusive of the budget and considers location, what the space looks like and the client’s specific goals. Many clients are not innately visual, but Kim is a creative, pragmatic visualizer with extraordinary skills in problem solving and communication. Most of Kim’s job is listening and then bringing the client along for their visual adventure.

“I am an expert in this narrow niche market that is outside the box design plus practical execution of the ideas. Because of my 30 years of experience, I am able to minimize unforeseen costs by planning at the beginning, and then I am with the clients all the way to the end. My clients appreciate my ability to reduce their stress and make them look great.” 

Kim’s philosophy is that one does not have to follow the same path as everyone else, or some prescribed formula of “what works” or “How things are done.” Her style in life and design, she says, stems from being a rebel; always forward and edgier… creating and not following.

“I have lived on the edge of what society thinks is right or normal from the get go.  Daily living ‘outside of the box’ enables me to find places where we can incorporate edgy and unexpected moments, question proportions, invent styles… the resulting aesthetic and the experience is unique, funky and cool!”

Growing up in Dubuque, IA, Kim had a big need to surround herself with other creative peoples, open minds, broad thinking; the kind of foundation a big city has to offer. This brought her to the heart of Chicago to bring her company to life, and develop a unique work environment as the Leader of her team.

“Instead of hiring employees to simply work for me in my business, I take a more organic approach, leading a group of other Creatives who have their own talents and specialties. Our studio is more like a laboratory in which our team works together to come up with unique ideas and then practically put these ideas into production.  There are no cubicles at Ohms Designs. I seek to attract and retain quality people and educate them while motivating them to reach higher elevations in their own lives and specialties.  We are building a Culture of creative professionals who partner together with their various skills to develop a truly unique experience for us and for the client.”